How to get in to Disneyland for free (and get a free ride)



Not too many people know that there is a part of Disneyland that anyone can get in for free, it is called Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney Sign

They even give you a free 3 hour parking, from there you walk to Downtown Disney.



You might ask, how do I get there? Well, Downtown Disneythe secret is in plain site. When you drive to Disneyland Park itself, follow signs to Downtown Disneyland. In Downtown Disney there are many shops and restaurants where one can spend couple of hours exploring. There is also a lot of free entertainment from sidewalk musicians to on-stage performances.

Usually, there are more sidewalk performers in the evenings.

Downtown Disney

What about free ride you ask? There is a free tram ride that takes you to Main Parking Structure (Different from free downtown parking). The tram itself is very amazing how it rides, if you are into technology, you will like how it functions. It is a modern train that is pulling seven or eight cars that rides on streets, not on tracks. It is amazing how all cars follow the train as if they were riding on rails. If you are into technology, you will be Downtow Disney Eveningamazed, if you are not into technology, you will still enjoy the ride. The ride is only a couple of minutes each way, but nice and relaxing.

Basically, I would not recommend the Downtown Disney to be your main attraction. If you like theme parks, go into the park itself. But if you are visiting Los Angeles, Hollywood, and you don’t want to spend the whole day in a theme park, go ahead and make Downtown Disney TramDisney one of your stops. It is a fun place to see.





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